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Champions of Sustainable Agriculture

We envision a future of sustainable and resilient agriculture.


AGREA Agricultural Communities International Foundation, or simply AGREA Foundation, is an innovative and inclusive organization that aims to help eradicate poverty for farming and fishing families, to alleviate the effects of climate change and to help establish food security in
the Philippines.

Interested in learning more about AGREA's mission, vision, and initiatives? Download our comprehensive company profile for an in-depth look at our work and impact.


Our Focus

Building a Resilient Agricultural Future

Our goal is to transform the Philippines archipelago into a model of agricultural sustainability and resilience. Guided by our three major goals - Zero Hunger, Zero Waste, and Zero Insufficiency - we strive to uplift Filipino farmers as world-class agents of change in the food system.

Our Commitment

Nourishing Families, Investing in Human Capital

We are committed to nourishing every Filipino family. We view investment in human capital through nutrition as a sustainable economic investment. Nutritious and safe food is as vital as the air we breathe and the water we drink.


Our Mission

Dignifying Food Producers as Environmental Stewards

Our mission is to dignify food producers as stewards of the environment and champions of food and nutrition security.

Environmental Stewardship

Promoting Dignity and Responsibility in Environmental Care

Food producers play a vital role as stewards of the environment. Their sustainable farming practices contribute to the health of our planet. At Agrea Foundation, we dignify these producers, acknowledging their crucial role in maintaining ecological balance and promoting sustainable agricultural methods.


Food and Nutrition Security

Championing Food Producers as Leaders in Nutrition Security

Food producers are at the forefront of ensuring food and nutrition security. Their efforts in growing nutritious and safe food contribute significantly to the health and well-being of communities. Agrea Foundation champions these individuals, recognizing their key role in combating hunger and malnutrition, and in promoting healthy and productive lives for all.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as a leader in localizing global sustainability solutions, driving the transformation of resilient food systems across generations.


Our Three Major Goals

Guiding Principles for a Sustainable Future

We are guided by three major goals that shape our work and drive our commitment to sustainable agriculture and community empowerment. These goals reflect our vision for a resilient food system and a prosperous future for all.


Creating Effective Solutions in the Food Systems

To serve as a platform for multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder convergence in creating effective solutions in the food systems.


Building the Largest and Most Impactful Grassroots Network

To establish the largest and most impactful grassroots women food producers federation.


Nurturing the Next Generation of Innovators and Transformers

To nurture the younger generations to be the future leaders in food systems innovation and transformation.



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