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Programs Designed to Empower

Explore initiatives that uplift communities, foster sustainable farming, and cultivate the next generation of agricultural leaders.

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Our core programs are designed to empower individuals and transform communities.

We focus on women, youth, education, and resilience, believing that these are the key pillars of a sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector.

Women in Agriculture

FORWARD: Empowering Women in Agriculture and Rural Development

FORWARD, our flagship initiative, supports the platform, a multi-stakeholder platform that cultivates inclusive, resilient, and sustainable food systems in Southeast Asia. We believe that investing in women is an investment in the whole community.

Agriculture Education

AGREA Farm School: A Venue for Learning and Transformation

Education is a sustainable development multiplier. AGREA Farm School, the first TESDA-accredited farm school in Marinduque, provides a venue for farmers to learn, explore, and incubate ideas that spark transformation in their communities.


Our Vision

We envision ourselves as a leader in localizing global sustainability solutions, driving the transformation of resilient food systems across generations.

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Youth in Agriculture

Inspiring the Next Generation of Agricultural Leaders

We aim to spread a message of hope: young Filipinos are making farming and fishing cool, smart, sexy, and humane. As an implementing partner of the U.S. Embassy and the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI), we run programs on youth leadership in agriculture and agribusiness.

Farmers’ Resilience

Building a Resilient Agriculture Sector

We provide knowledge and capacity for resilience leadership to better serve our partner-farming communities. This is our step to contribute to a disaster-proof and resilient agriculture sector.




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