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We are dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

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Agriculture Education.HEIC

Cultivating Sustainable Growth: 

Empowering Women, Educating Farmers, Inspiring Youth, and Building Resilience in Agriculture

AGREA Foundation believes that through technology, education and community empowerment, food producers can have a fairer business share, more autonomy, more dignity, and a better quality of life.

Agriculture Education

The AGREA Farm School offers scholarships in agriculture-related
technical and vocational courses and are packaged from the competency map of the Philippine
agri-fishery sector. Embedded in the farm school curriculum are: leadership, values formation,
financial literacy, and the SDGs. At present, AGREA Farm School has more than 3,000

Woman in Agriculture

AGREA believes that investing in women is an investment for the whole community. This core
program focuses on: education and sustainable livelihood, policy influencing, an inspiring movement through the Women Food Producers Associations (WFPA), in order to support women food producers to have a gender inclusive environment that will help them towards agriculture and food systems development.

Youth in Agriculture

AGREA is a staunch enabler of youth inclusion in agriculture in the Philippines and in ASEAN region (youth ages 18 – 35 year old). AGREA implements capacity building programs and leadership initiatives to enable the youth to be prepared and be engaged in
agriculture and food security, as the youth are the present and future of our food systems and
agriculture sector.

Food and climate change adaptation and mitigation

AGREA recognizes the crucial need to capacitate the current and future generations of farmers.
Safeguarding the wellbeing of farmers and the knowledge they possess is essential to a
prosperous agricultural sector, and to the country’s capacity to feed its people.

Nutrition security

Nutrition is crucial at ages 0-14 years old. Nutrition at this age and level will determine the
capacity of future workforce. AGREA’s focus on this program are: The Garden Classroom which
has impacted 46 schools in Marinduque (31) and Siargao (15) benefitting almost 9,000 students;
and the First 1000 days program focused on empowering young mothers on healthy eating and
growing their own food.

Shaping a Sustainable Future with Agrea Foundation

Agrea Foundation, a champion of 'Ecology of Dignity,' is committed to empowering Filipino farmers and transforming the Philippines into a resilient, sustainable agricultural hub. Learn more about our mission, vision, and transformative goals.

Latest Insights from the Field

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Collaborating for a Sustainable Future: Our Esteemed Partners

Together with our valued partners, we're working towards a sustainable and resilient agricultural future. Discover our collaborative efforts and the organizations that make our work possible.

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Seedling Supporter

  • Provides seeds and gardening tools for one farmer.

  • Supports the training of one farmer in sustainable farming practices.

  • Contributes to the maintenance of our community gardens.

At Work on the Farm

Harvest Helper

  • Provides seeds and gardening tools for two farmers.

  • Supports the training of two farmers in sustainable farming practices.

  • Contributes to the maintenance of our community gardens and the development of new ones.

  • Helps fund our youth in agriculture programs.

Farmer Holding Vegetables In Hands


  • Provides seeds and gardening tools for four farmers.

  • Supports the training of four farmers in sustainable farming practices.

  • Contributes to the maintenance and development of our community gardens.

  • Helps fund our youth and women in agriculture programs.

  • Supports the development of new educational materials and workshops.



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