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AGREA Foundation’s Farm School Graduation

Last January 13, 2023, AGREA Foundation’s Founding Farmer and CEO, Cherrie D. Atilano and Atty. Jocelia Bighani Sipin of the Office of Congressman Lord Allan Velasco, AGREA Foundation's Director for Community Development, Christine Jodloman, graced the graduation ceremony held in the AGREA farm school. 67 scholars were able to complete their training on OAP NCII-Organic Agriculture Production, ACP NCII-Agricultural Crops Production and Special Training for Employment Program (STEP).

Alberto Larga, 59 years old and one of our NCII Completers, shared that organic farming is exciting to learn and he wanted to share it with the youth so they can follow his legacy as a farmer. He also expressed that he used to be an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) but he wants to retire already and venture into farming and entrepreneurship, so he can help his family and community at the same time.

Mylene Morales, a farmer-entrepreneur and one of our local women food producers, shared that she and her husband used to be a factory worker but she decided to stay in the province of Marinduque to start a small piggery business. “I have learned so much from the farm school, especially in cultivating the land and animal husbandry and it has helped our family to save budget for our food and groceries, and it also provided job opportunities in the member of our community,” Tita Mylene said.

We are grateful to the constant support of Congressman Lord Allan Velasco and to the excellent team of TESDA Marinduque for the scholarship grants which helps in empowering and educating more farmers to achieve the One Island Economy and to focus on bigger vision to make the island more sustainable, inclusive, and a model for agricultural economic growth that supports tourism, local economies and better health of the people while protecting the environment.

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